Mountain Biking, Hiking and Trail Running in Las Catalinas
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On the Trails

Las Catalinas is full of dramatic hills, stunning views, tropical wildlife and foliage, and we have over 22 kilometers of trails to enable you to enjoy this beautiful land.

Las Catalinas - Trail System Map

Las Catalinas trail system map
Mountain Biking

World-class, single-track mountain biking trails with unrivalled ocean views make Las Catalinas the most prominent mountain biking destination in the American tropics. The trails feature fantastic ocean views from a variety of angles to different parts of the coast. There are sections deep in the shade of quiet valleys, where you can marvel at the flora and fauna around you. Likely wildlife sightings include monkeys, pizotes (coatis), deer, pecaries (wild hogs) and a variety of exotic birds. The trails are sustainably built with moderate grade, which make for a fantastic “flow” riding with enjoyable swoops and roller coasters but no sustained grunting climbs. Mountain biking is a very popular sport in Costa Rica, and the trails of Las Catalinas are without peer. Pura Vida Ride, our local partner down by Danta Beach, provides bikes, guidance, and tours. With everything set for a world-class experience in the tropics, the trails of Las Catalinas make it a destination for MTB enthusiasts from the world over.

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Hiking and Trail Running

Las Catalinas is a hiking and trail running paradise, offering a wide gamut of exciting tracks that provide unforgettable moments and breathtaking views. Signature routes include:

Punta Guachipelines: this is a ridgetop trail out to a striking peninsula with cliffs down to the ocean on three different sides, and great views of the nearby Pitahaya islands, which are important nesting sites for local frigate birds and pelicans.

Round trip time from Las Catalinas Beach Town: 1 to 2 hours.

Punta Penca: this trail hugs the coast out to the tip of Punta Penca, offering some flatter ground, and a remarkable park-like setting out at the tip of the peninsula.

Round trip time from Las Catalinas Beach Town: 30 to 60 minutes.

McHenry Peak Loop: this trail climbs steeply up to the central high peaks of Las Catalinas at an altitude of just over 200 meters. The track is artfully carved in looping turns up and down the steep slopes. The views in all directions are just stunning and well worth the effort. This trail requires some fitness, though!

Round trip time from Las Catalinas Beach Town: 1 to 2 hours.

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